Three Steps to be Healthy in Winter

When winter comes, the temperature drops, the wind is cold and dry, there will always be many people with colds, and various diseases, especially the elderly, how to protect themselves in winter?

Warm diet food

In winter, you should choose warm foods with high calories. Meat, mainly dog, lamb, and beef, is rich in protein, carbohydrates, and fat, and provides more calories to the body. Medical research also finds that people are afraid of the cold in winter. In addition to the cold weather outside, it is also related to the lack of certain inorganic salts in the body. Vegetables, especially the old leaves, yellow leaves, roots, and skins of vegetables are rich in inorganic salts, so do not remove these beneficial parts when eating. The lack of iron in the human body can make people feel cold. At this time, you can eat more foods rich in iron, such as liver, lean meat, egg yolk, black fungus, black sesame, fragrant blood, sea cucumber and so on. Fresh vegetables mixed with meat are more effective against cold.

Cold protection measures

For ordinary family rooms, the room temperature should be kept at 15QC-2OoC. In low-temperature environments, be equipped with cold-proof clothing, hats, shoes, gloves, etc. Clothing, shoes, gloves, etc. should be kept away from moisture and kept dry. Hands and feet should not be tightly tied, so as not to affect the peripheral blood circulation and cause frostbite, frostbite and so on. Those who have high blood pressure, cardiovascular system disease, liver disease, hyperacidity, gastrointestinal dysfunction, renal dysfunction, weak constitution and frequent colds should avoid working in low temperature environment, and it is not suitable for people over 50 Work in this area.

Strengthen your mind

Appropriate physical exercise in winter can not only stretch your bones and blood vessels, but also increase heat and keep warm. For middle-aged and elderly people, winter exercises are mainly indoors. When the weather is fine, you can take a walk outdoors, play Tai Chi, do exercises, and dance. However, it should be avoided when the weather is bad, such as wind, cold and fog. Should not get up too early for morning exercises. The amount of exercise should not be too large, it is advisable to walk with strength. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain an optimistic and stable mood, not to waste unnecessary energy, and to achieve energy recovery, which is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of diseases.