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There are three tips to apply job from outside Canada


Due to the serious fraud and weak rationality, the approval of Ontario employer guarantees for overseas labor categories is becoming increasingly difficult. We recommend overseas white-collar workers and accompanying parents to choose the “international student category”, that is, to study in Canada before applying for employer-sponsored immigration.

There are three categories of employer immigration in Ontario

  1. Employer Immigration in Ontario, Canada-Categories of foreign workers with employer offers:
    Ontario’s nominated foreign worker category is Ontario’s unique immigration program. After applying for a pre-approved employer offer, foreign workers and their families can apply for provincial nominated immigrants and obtain Canadian permanent residency. The Provincial Nominee Program helps employers who cannot find the talent they need, and helps them reserve talent in an environment where competition for talent is so fierce.
  2. Employer Immigration in Ontario, Canada-Types of international students with employer offers:
    Ontario’s nominated international student category is Ontario’s unique immigration program. Masters and doctoral students who graduate from public universities in Ontario can apply for permanent residency through Ontario’s nominated program after completing their studies without an employer offer. The Provincial Nominee Program helps employers who cannot find the talent they need, and helps them reserve talent in an environment where competition for talent is so fierce.
  3. Shortage occupation categories

Most are low-end agricultural planting or construction jobs.

Regardless of whether it is a foreign worker category, an international student category, or a job category that is in short supply, Ontario’s employer immigration application has two steps:

Step 1: Application for Ontario Employer Guarantee Eligibility

Businesses must meet all of the following employer guidelines, job standards, and the number of positions an employer can apply for to qualify for Ontario-nominated immigration, recruitment of foreign workers, or international students.

Employer guidelines for employer immigration in Ontario, Canada:

  1. The establishment of the enterprise for at least 3 years (can be a company, a limited liability partnership or a sole proprietorship);
  2. In the most recent fiscal year, have a total revenue of at least US $ 1 million (for GTA companies in the Greater Toronto Area), or a total revenue of at least US $ 500,000 (for companies outside the Greater Toronto Area).
  3. Provide no less than 5 full-time permanent jobs (for businesses within the Greater Toronto Area), or at least 3 full-time permanent jobs (for businesses outside the Greater Toronto Area).
  4. There are business places in the Ontario area, and the nominees will work here.

Number of positions an employer can apply for:

  1. Employers can request multiple types of positions. Each position can employ 5 full-time employees (for businesses in the Greater Toronto Area), or each position can employ 3 full-time employees (for businesses outside the Greater Toronto Area).
  2. Regardless of whether the company is located in the Greater Toronto Area, the company can provide a maximum of 20 positions. Requirements for more than 20 positions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. There are two exceptions: Employers in the health and education sectors, due to the special needs of these industries, can provide any job they need, regardless of their number.

Conditions that employers need to meet:

  1. Must be a permanent full-time position;
  2. Technical occupations in NOC 0, A or B categories;
  3. Meet the current wage level (for foreign workers), or meet the entry wage level (for international students). Information on wages for various occupations can be found on the Canadian Labor Services Market Information website;
  4. Does not affect the settlement of any labor disputes or the employment of any residents caught in labor disputes; it will not adversely affect the work or training opportunities of Canadian citizens or permanent residents;
  5. Positions necessary for company management.

Step 2: International Student Application

The application of international students must meet the following conditions:

  1. Have completed at least half of their studies and have graduated or are about to graduate from a qualified Canadian public college or university;
  2. Have completed at least two full-time diploma or degree programs. One-year graduate degree and certificate programs are also eligible;
  3. Job offers for NOC 0, A or B occupations, occupations may not be related to majors;
  4. The job offer is permanent full-time and meets the entry-level salary level of the profession;
  5. Apply within 2 years after graduation;
  6. If the applicant is currently in Canada, he must have legal status;
  7. You have received the approval letter (approval letter), joint verification form (Joint Verification Form), and pre-screen position form (signature form);
  8. International students do not need work experience.

Materials to be submitted for international students who have job offers:

  1. Employer Pre-Screen Approved Position Form;
  2. Joint Verification Form;
  3. Employer offer (to reflect the title and salary of the position, the position must be full-time and permanent);
  4. Copy of birth certificate;
  5. Copy of all pages of passport;
  6. A copy of the first page of the passport of the accompanying person;
  7. If applicable: Work permit, visit record, temporary visa, photocopy of Canadian immigration documents. If these documents are reflected in the passport, there is no need to submit additional documents;
  8. If the applicant has graduated, you need to provide the original seal of the transcript, and the certification of the degree or degree;
  9. Copy of resume;
  10. If the occupation you intend to engage in is a regulated occupation, you need to provide Ontario registration certificate.

Canada Ontario employer immigration submission deadline:
After the employer’s pre-application is approved, the applicant has 60 days to submit a complete application. If the employer or applicant is unable to submit an application within 60 days, they can apply to the Ontario government for a 30-day extension.

Ontario employer immigration processing cycle:
Employer application: 64 working days or 90 natural days;
Nominee application: 64 working days or 90 natural days;
Request for review: 85 working days or 120 natural days.

After the application is approved:
The Ontario government will issue a nomination certificate to the applicant, and the applicant can then submit a permanent residence application to CIC. Provincial nomination visa applications are given priority processing by Immigration Canada.

After your application is rejected:

  1. Ontario will give you a chance to appeal, that is, a request for review. If the applicant is currently in Canada, the applicant needs to submit a written request within 15 working days after receiving the refusal; if the applicant is currently outside Canada, the applicant needs to within 30 working days after receiving the refusal Make a written request.
  2. The application for review request will be reviewed by another higher-level official.
  3. The review will only be based on the original submissions and the applicant’s conditions when submitting the application. If the situation changes, it will not be considered. In this case, the applicant can resubmit the provincial nomination application.

This is good news for friends who have only graduated from college for 2 years and have an average IELTS score!

As long as you have a college degree or above (the same applies to overseas technical talents), you do not need a language score and one year of work experience to apply!

Apply for a job through an employer, obtain a pre-review form, and immigrate for the applicant to obtain a nomination certificate.

This immigration program is not included in Express Entry, so this applicant does not need to work with other EE applicants!

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