Post-married depression

When I hit “Post-Married Depression” on Google, there were tens of millions of search messages.

Marriage should be our paradise for the warm harbor and the happy growth of children. Why do more and more people, especially women, fall into the unsatisfactory post-marital depression? The family is facing disintegration, and the child loses the environment of happy growth, causing himself and his family to fall into the dire straits?

Depression is a real enemy and must not be taken lightly. However, people can enter depression and eventually become depression, which is not caused by a setback or an event, but should be the result of accumulation. The event that ultimately causes depression may be just a fuse that ignites explosives, or the last straw that overwhelmed the camel.

US well-known scholar and best-selling author Joe Dispenza in a speech that the human brain will be a day 6 Wan Dao 7 million messages, but in this information, 90% of ideas are repeated yesterday and the previous model. That is to say, when we encounter disappointment, disappointment and sadness, if our brain is free to run without active restraint and change, these negative thoughts and feelings will be repeatedly repeated and accumulated. It has been continually strengthened, and has shaped itself into a person who has the habit of the victim’s mentality, and eventually enters a depression that is difficult to extricate.

But the good news that is gratifying and inspiring is that we ourselves have the ability to change the brain’s mindset before depression. Transforming the thinking track, although difficult, is worth the effort. For the sake of your own happy life, the good life of the family and the children, and changing the status quo that makes you dissatisfied, you start by changing your own thinking.

Thinking determines personality and character determines fate. The human brain, like a high-level computer, must first change the way the brain works, and re-enter a better and more positive process of transforming itself.

Yesterday, I chatted with a vice president of a very successful management company. Her energetic and happy state immediately attracted and infected me. She leads a company full time, and although she has the opportunity to work from home, she will work more than 40 hours a week . And there are two children, one is 8 years old and one is 3 years old. Enviable and shocking is that she has not only missed the children’s parent conferences and extracurricular activities, but also took the time to write books, participate in various speeches, and set up a non-profit organization to help women. The scope of current involvement and impact has exceeded 5 million. When she was 28 years old, she also ran for the mayor and was murdered by her opponent. Although she finally lost her job and the political road was interrupted, she realized her dreams and hard work, but never stopped.

When I heard her story, my first question was that faced with so many challenges and difficult pressures, I still have such high morale every day, without any slight discouragement and withdrawal, without any depression? The answer she gave me was that every day I had new ideas in my mind and a plan of action to achieve my goals. Every morning, I wake up in excitement and hope, and then I am energetic and devoted to every day’s work.

Modern depression is as common as getting a cold. It seems that if you have not experienced the torture of depression, you can’t talk about life and grow up. And many doctors treat depression in a way that only takes foot pain and cures the headache. Not all doctors have realized that, in many cases, drugs only control the disease, and the symptoms are not cured. The change of brain thinking mode is the key to preventing and curing depression.

Moreover, changing the mindset can only be achieved if you actively participate. We want to lose weight, and only if we go to the gym in person will it be effective. It is impossible to achieve your goals by hiring others to run for yourself. Therefore, understanding the depression and understanding of depression, and controlling the brain’s thinking mode, the wisdom of choosing the desired thinking, avoiding negative toxic thinking, is the primary condition for preventing depression.

Defeat and prevent depression from the self. First, you need to find the meaning and direction of life. This is not only the task of the child, but also the task of every adult. Each of us, coming to this world, is God’s best arrangement, with a personal mission and meaning. Therefore, it is extremely important to find out your unique direction of life early on the direction and happiness of life.

Many women feel depressed and wronged in marriage. Most of them are related to these situations. They do not actively learn and find effective communication channels. They do not know how to control the negative thinking mode of the brain and let their victims continue to develop their mentality. Letting these states go their own way is not far from true depression.

Therefore, after a woman is married, she must continue to learn to be kind to herself and not to be lost. Even with children, you can’t put all your energy into your family and your children. When the plane begins to fly, the flight attendant will demonstrate to each passenger the self-rescue link in the event of an emergency. Adults should bring their own oxygen masks to take care of their children and others. Without a healthy and positive state, children and families are bound to be affected and infected. Only a woman who knows how to love herself can have a healthy attitude and win the respect and love of the people around her.

Secondly, even if a woman is a full-time housewife, don’t give up her hobbies and social circles and keep her body and mind independent. Try to maximize your own abilities and hobbies, and find the fun and meaning of life and the value of existence.

Never stop growing. The convenience of modern learning has reached an unprecedented height. As long as you find the target, you can find almost any information in any subject on the video on the mobile phone. The human brain is prepared for continuous learning, and new knowledge will bring about the renewal and even increase of brain cells. Therefore, when people live old and learn old, they are the only law that is full of positive energy and happiness.

Women may face a lot of pressure and frustration after marriage. However, as long as they learn to adjust themselves and change their perspectives in a timely manner, they will not be easily realized by continuous learning and constantly improve their own visions and patterns. Unsatisfactory and negative emotions.