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New Weapon: Thermal Scope Assault Rifle

June 11, 2018

FortniteRumors Thermal Assault Rifle

Update: The Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle can also spot Llamas

Fortnite’s V4.4 Update has something amazing in store: The Thermal Scope Assault Rifle! (Check out Epic’s official patch notes here).

The Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle picks up player’s heat signatures so you can spot them through walls and behind objects. It can also see chests and supply drops. We think this may be the new must-have weapon.

Insane Glitch Discovered

Get back to Spawn Island!

June 9, 2018

Fortnite Spawn Island Glitch

YouTubeer OrangeGuy has discovered a ground-breaking glitch: You can get back to Spawn Island! Here’s how you do it:

1. From the normal map build a bridge towards the island. Has to be really high!
2. From up there, build downwards towards the island
3. At the end of the downward bridge, build a small platform
4. Run down the ramp in a shopping cart and take off from the platform

Check out the video below:


Fortnite meets the Floo Network

Rumor: Random Teleporter LTM

June 7, 2018

This is a wild one: According to one of our sources inside the Fortnite marketing team the next update will include a brand-new LTM mode: Random Teleporter.
Apparently, there will be teleportation devices strewn across the map. Stepping onto one will teleport you into another one of them – at random.
Sounds pretty exciting.

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