Make your story stand out with the Unfold application.

The Story feature, whether on Facebook or Instagram, is becoming a feature that is becoming more and more interested in social media. Because it’s fun for both the posters and viewers. Some people have changed from posting messages in the past to using Story more because it feels more fun and freedom.

 Unfold is an application that has been popular on the App Store in the past. Therefore making me decide to download and play with Free Trial for 14 days, which is no wonder why this app, why people like to use it Because it makes the user’s story more beautiful and attractive Which is considered as a tool for storytellers who want to keep people’s attention under control for a split second. Let’s see why

As for how to use it When entering the application, press the “+” icon to start creating the story that we want to tell. By entering a name and choosing Template. The interesting thing about this app is the form of various templates available But if wanting more, then have to pay additional money (Suggest to look at Unfold Plus, which is paid annually by using all templates would be worth it. Or will try it free for 14 days before, unsatisfied After that, get the template you like and arrange the images. Can be a single image or multiple images There is also a small content section. In order to capture the importance of wanting to talk about what

For Template type, anyone who likes film cameras or film photography (Right now, the trend is back) there is a Film Frame pack that will make our images more attractive. Or for those who like minimalism, recommend the Classico Series that focuses on simplicity but not boring The package price is around 35-70 baht. If anyone doesn’t want to pay There are free cables to choose from. But as I said, there are not many options

After selecting templates for our story then can click to see a preview of the “eye” icon on how the face will look If not satisfied, then adjust the image again When you get the image you like, click the Send to Insatgram button to post to Story.

Although the app seems to be mainly focused on Instagram, users can save files to their smartphones in case they are shared on other social networks. Or can be saved as a PDF file for later presentations as well

The author’s personal opinion  If you like the Story feature, I recommend you to download the Unfold app to your device. Because whatever is possible, use the ability from it for sure Especially if you sell items online I think it’s very useful to make your products more interesting. Or for the person making the page presenting various content Also useful. Sometimes, stiff, tons of ideas do not sail When the wizard came to spark creativity Allowing work to flow more smoothly