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Japanese media: Toyota and Honda will recall some vehicles with defective airbags


Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation announced on January 21 that it will recall (free recovery and repair) a total of approximately 3.24 million vehicles in North and Central and South America due to a defect in which the airbag may not be opened during an impact accident. Japan ’s Kyodo News reported on January 22 that Honda said on the 22nd that it will recall about 2.7 million vehicles in the United States and Canada due to problems with airbags produced by Takata.

According to reports, Toyota’s recall targets four models, including the Corolla 2011-2019 version. Vehicles sold in Japan are not subject to the recall, and the device intended to activate the airbag has defects. The airbags are said to be manufactured by US component maker ZF-TRW.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced in April 2019 that it had launched an investigation into a total of 12.3 million vehicles in the United States, including Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi Motors. The recall may be extended to manufacturers other than Toyota.

It is reported that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated at the beginning of the investigation that the airbags had not been opened in two accidents related to Corolla, and one of them caused death. Toyota is continuing to cooperate with the investigation.

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