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Jack Ma’s golden sentence: The second generation of entrepreneurs is luck


In an interview with the media, Alibaba founder Ma Yun talked about the final interviews of the sixth candidate of Lakeside University. He explained his views on the second generation of entrepreneurs. Comprehensive media reported on January 19 that Ma Yun said at the meeting that many second-generation entrepreneurs often go into a misunderstanding, because no matter how they look at themselves, a large part of their vision is given to their father. Therefore, don’t try to prove that you are better than others. Unconfident people should prove you. He said, “You recognize, whoever made me Laozi this is luck. Because the second generation of entrepreneurs can’t fire their father, and many people have affected their later studies because of their disorder.”

In addition, Ma Yun also reminded the students who interviewed: Alibaba has more than 100,000 people, and naturally there are many smart people. Don’t be smarter than others, it’s really a shame. But strong leadership can enable smart people to work together, unite different people, and know who goes and who stays.

Earlier, Ma Yun also stated in the sixth admissions interview of Lakeside University that for entrepreneurs living yesterday, the difficulties in 2019 are only just beginning; for entrepreneurs who are willing to change themselves, adapt to the future, and take the future as a challenge The opportunity has just begun. Ma Yun also pointed out in his speech that among the old generation of entrepreneurs in China, entrepreneurs and successful people are rarely trained from MBAs, or they have been executives in multinational companies. Exploring, judging the future, made countless mistakes and came out.

Ma Yun hopes that these entrepreneurs will always maintain this learning spirit and learning ability, because only those who can learn and those who are willing to learn can face the future.

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