Is software development really knowledge?

Recently, many software development peers have discussed such a topic online: Is software development really knowledge? The first reaction of many people is that software development is of course knowledge, otherwise what are the programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat our programmers learn such as Java, JavaScript, Python? If software development is indeed a kind of knowledge, then in theory, the knowledge of software development should not be outdated like the laws in mathematical physics. However, in fact, software development is time-sensitive. Being eliminated in this industry, no company will use outdated technology to develop software, which means that software development is not knowledge, and software development is only the implementation details.

The fundamental reason for software development is not real knowledge is that the speed of software development technology update iteration is too fast. Many software developers use a long time to learn the technology may be eliminated before it has been used for a long time. One problem that software developers must be aware of is that most of the software development techniques we learn are just learning how to use a framework or language, just like using a tool and we don’t know the true principle of the tool. With the rapid development of technology, many developers are standing on the shoulders of giants. We only need to develop under the language or framework provided by others without too much concern about the internal or underlying principles.

So since software development can’t be regarded as real knowledge, how should people engaged in software development learn? In fact, as a software developer, fast learning and mastering a new technology is an essential skill, but for learning these so-called new technologies, we must go in and out, we can master a programming language, but also You must understand the limitations of this language from a macro perspective. If you want to rely on this language or technology for life, it may be wrong. It is the best solution to learn and apply quickly when new technologies come out. .