How To Say NO In 2 Simple Ways

Most people don’t like confrontations. Saying “NO” can lead to such confrontations sometimes, so here are 2 simple ways on how to say “No” without getting your relationships massacred.

Say No, Cite Your Reason

Think of all the reasons why you WANT to say no to the other person.
Maybe you don’t want to go to the mall and chase your friend from one store to another. Maybe you don’t want to spend overtime at work doing your boss’ work for her. So instead of that, what do you want to do?
Think like this – instead of going to the mall, you’d rather be at home finishing up your laundry or some other long overdue house work. And instead of working overtime (where most likely you’re not going to be paid extra), you want to spend some long overdue quality time with your family.
And cite that reason for saying no.

Never lie. What’s the point in risking any relationship with lies, huh? So simply say no, state the reason why, and do what you intend to do.

Say No, Stand Your Ground
So what if you don’t have any laundry or any other long overdue housework left to do, but still you don’t want to go to the mall with your BFF?

For many people, a day at the mall can be relaxing. But it can be quite harrowing to others. If you do like going to the mall, but not particularly with your friend on that particular day/time, I’d still suggest you go for it. Spend some time with your friend. Maybe it’s not going to be such a frantic experience as you expect it to be.

However, if you simply don’t like going to the mall (or doing something what the other person has suggested/requested), you simply have to STAND YOUR GROUND!

Just say no. If you have to explain how doing something you don’t want to do messes up your mood, then do explain. But stand your ground. Don’t be a pushover.

If the other person is stubborn, just maintain your calm and stand your ground. Try to make the other person see reason. If that fails, try to suggest an alternative. Maybe you can go to the mall on a weekday, instead of a weekend, when there’s less crowd. Bottom-line is stand your ground.