How to do a good quality project live broadcast?

Many people may have tried live programming on More than two months ago, this site launched a “tutorial class” live broadcast project. After the platform is reviewed, live broadcasters who meet certain requirements can use a tutorial-quality project (they are called a premium project) to guide viewers to learn how to develop a product, game, or software. Live broadcasters of this type of tutorial project can also get paid for it. At present, there are not many premium projects that have been launched on this website, and there are no domestic live broadcasters. So, how to broadcast live quality projects?

Choose the theme of the project

In terms of subject matter, game development is a popular topic. For example, a senior game developer from Canada, Lloyd Summers, who has been learning programming since the age of 14, has now established a game development company, Red Iron Labs. The project that Lloyd is broadcasting is called How to create Flappy Bird in Unity3D using C #. This tutorial is mainly for beginners in game development and teaches you how to create a video game using free software. Lloyd will explain graphics and sound creation in the tutorial, as well as explain each line of code. He will mainly use C # and Unity3D.

Choose popular programming languages

From the perspective of the types of programming languages, PHP is currently used by many live broadcasters to do tutorial projects. Choosing a popular programming language is conducive to attracting more viewers. For example this tutorial: Building a Business Directory web-app in PHP. This tutorial covers all the details of creating a business directory website, including the establishment of a development environment, the tools and methods used. This tutorial will also guide learners how to develop a concept to create a practical Web App, to help learners understand the knowledge required to create a variety of systems and applications.

Adhere to maintain the quality of the project

According to reports, as long as a live broadcaster user with certain conditions can create a tower premium project. This site will also have dedicated staff to help live broadcasters. For example, the platform will provide some popular projects for live broadcasters to reference, and will also select premium projects from many excellent projects on the website. But whether you are doing a tutorial project or a work project, you must insist on maintaining the quality of the project you do.

The game developer Yuchting from Beijing has accumulated 218 hours of live streaming on the platform. A few years ago, he resigned and opened his own studio. Although the live broadcast project is not a tutorial, you can still watch his live broadcast to understand how programmers solve practical problems, or how to add new features to a commercial game, and how to create a large project. Another project made by a domestic programmer: How to implement the hprose for golang. Although it is not currently a premium project, it is still very good. You can learn how to implement hprose, a modern, lightweight, cross-language and cross-platform remote communication intermediary.


Once you become a live broadcaster of a premium project, it is very important to do live broadcasts strictly in accordance with the established live broadcast plan. This is also where the broadcasters of high-quality projects differ from those of ordinary projects. When your live broadcast tutorials are welcomed and can really help others learn solid knowledge, you will not only get monetized rewards, but also spiritual satisfaction. If you are interested in trying it out, you can first look at the quality projects on the platform and absorb the experience of other live broadcasters. You can also take a look at the articles posted on the website. These articles will give a detailed introduction to how to create quality projects, how to get paid, and how to promote your own projects.