Don’t miss the world-class esports battle.

World Class Esports Battle “PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2019 Fall Spilt SEA Grand Finals Season” The Great SEA Competition hosted by Thailand Prepare to explode it in Thailand for the first time. Watch for free! 2-3 Nov at Sam Yan Mit Town Hall

On November 3, 2019, Tencent (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the PUBG MOBILE provider in Thailand, is hosting the biggest event this year. Inviting Thai esports fans to join the countdown to host the event. And cheering on the esports team of 5 Thai athletes, including Illuminate The Murder, MEGA Conqueror, RRQ Athena, Purple Mood and Snow LYNX compete in a world-class PUBG MOBILE Club Open SEA 2019 or PMCO SEA 2019 Fall Split season hosted by VSPN, the main sponsor of VIVO, and support live via NIMO TV and XL KingCard. Thailand for the first time at Sam Yan Mit Town Hall, Floor 5, between 2 – 3 November. Free admission No charge And able to find more special items Just join the PUBG MOBILE Thailand page and the Infuencers for this competition with a prize pool of over 4 million baht. The 1st and 2nd place winners will be eligible to continue to compete in the Global Final in Malaysia during the day. November 29 – December 1, with a total prize money of more than 32 million baht in the season. (Watch the video, PUBG MOBILE invading Bangkok, prelude before going to battle here)

It is understood that PUBG MOBILE is a mobile version of the game created from PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS The game that won the hearts of players around the world in 2017, with the style of play that has to compete against each other to survive from 100 parachuting players in the 8 square kilometer map. In which players must use flair to survive Collect various supplies and weapons. For use in combat Beat other players Until being the last person to survive Under the conditions of the playing zone that will slowly compel the player to escape to survive

PMCO2019 or “PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2019” is the world’s first professional mobile game tournament. The league is organized by Tencent Games and PUBG Corp. The highest prize money in the world is 2,000,000 USD or more than 63 million baht. The competition is divided into two seasons, Spring Split (March – July 2019) and Fall Split (August – December 2019), divided into 6 stages. Competition, including the Online qualification, the Offline National Finals, the Offline SEA Semi Final (competition as League), the Offline SEA Grand Final, and finished the round Offline Prelim Offline Global Final. 

For the competition Will be a total of 16 teams competing in a total of 14 games over 2 days (7 games a day) through all 4 maps (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi) as shown in the match schedule below (left picture) The teams will compete. By passing the scoring system, namely Killing other players will receive 1 point. Ranking # 1 will receive 20 points and points will decrease as the ranking decreases (right picture). The team with the most points 2 teams (Top # 2) will get Advance to the next Global Finals round.

In this round, all 16 teams from 5 countries in the SEA Finals competition consist of 5 Thai representative teams, 5 representative teams from Indonesia, 3 teams from Vietnam, 3 teams from Malaysia, 2 teams and 1 team from Cambodia, for a total of 16 teams. To prepare to battle in the SEA Grand Finals since yesterday, and on November 3, another 1 day at Samyan Mitrtown Hall hosted by Thailand.

The event was held under the concept of ‘Be the One’ where you will find activities throughout the two days. With interesting highlights, including watching live matches in all 14 games for 2 days, full of spectacular grand stage Everyone who registered at the event will receive 3,000 by people who have prize tickets. And registering at the event will receive a Goodie Bag consisting of a T-shirt and striped bag PMCO Fall Season Limited Edition with item 3,000 BP coat and classic box coupon. The first 500 registered users will receive the item. m Free 1 premium box coupon per person.