There are three tips to apply job from outside Canada

Due to the serious fraud and weak rationality, the approval of Ontario employer guarantees for overseas labor categories is becoming increasingly difficult. We recommend overseas white-collar workers and accompanying parents to choose the “international student category”, that is, to study in Canada before applying for employer-sponsored immigration.

There are three categories of employer immigration in Ontario

  1. Employer Immigration in Ontario, Canada-Categories of foreign workers with employer offers:
    Ontario’s nominated foreign worker category is Ontario’s unique immigration program. After applying for a pre-approved employer offer, foreign workers and their families can apply for provincial nominated immigrants and obtain Canadian permanent residency. The Provincial Nominee Program helps employers who cannot find the talent they need, and helps them reserve talent in an environment where competition for talent is so fierce.
  2. Employer Immigration in Ontario, Canada-Types of international students with employer offers:
    Ontario’s nominated international student category is Ontario’s unique immigration program. Masters and doctoral students who graduate from public universities in Ontario can apply for permanent residency through Ontario’s nominated program after completing their studies without an employer offer. The Provincial Nominee Program helps employers who cannot find the talent they need, and helps them reserve talent in an environment where competition for talent is so fierce.
  3. Shortage occupation categories

Most are low-end agricultural planting or construction jobs.

Regardless of whether it is a foreign worker category, an international student category, or a job category that is in short supply, Ontario’s employer immigration application has two steps:

Step 1: Application for Ontario Employer Guarantee Eligibility

Businesses must meet all of the following employer guidelines, job standards, and the number of positions an employer can apply for to qualify for Ontario-nominated immigration, recruitment of foreign workers, or international students.

Employer guidelines for employer immigration in Ontario, Canada:

  1. The establishment of the enterprise for at least 3 years (can be a company, a limited liability partnership or a sole proprietorship);
  2. In the most recent fiscal year, have a total revenue of at least US $ 1 million (for GTA companies in the Greater Toronto Area), or a total revenue of at least US $ 500,000 (for companies outside the Greater Toronto Area).
  3. Provide no less than 5 full-time permanent jobs (for businesses within the Greater Toronto Area), or at least 3 full-time permanent jobs (for businesses outside the Greater Toronto Area).
  4. There are business places in the Ontario area, and the nominees will work here.

Number of positions an employer can apply for:

  1. Employers can request multiple types of positions. Each position can employ 5 full-time employees (for businesses in the Greater Toronto Area), or each position can employ 3 full-time employees (for businesses outside the Greater Toronto Area).
  2. Regardless of whether the company is located in the Greater Toronto Area, the company can provide a maximum of 20 positions. Requirements for more than 20 positions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. There are two exceptions: Employers in the health and education sectors, due to the special needs of these industries, can provide any job they need, regardless of their number.

Conditions that employers need to meet:

  1. Must be a permanent full-time position;
  2. Technical occupations in NOC 0, A or B categories;
  3. Meet the current wage level (for foreign workers), or meet the entry wage level (for international students). Information on wages for various occupations can be found on the Canadian Labor Services Market Information website;
  4. Does not affect the settlement of any labor disputes or the employment of any residents caught in labor disputes; it will not adversely affect the work or training opportunities of Canadian citizens or permanent residents;
  5. Positions necessary for company management.

Step 2: International Student Application

The application of international students must meet the following conditions:

  1. Have completed at least half of their studies and have graduated or are about to graduate from a qualified Canadian public college or university;
  2. Have completed at least two full-time diploma or degree programs. One-year graduate degree and certificate programs are also eligible;
  3. Job offers for NOC 0, A or B occupations, occupations may not be related to majors;
  4. The job offer is permanent full-time and meets the entry-level salary level of the profession;
  5. Apply within 2 years after graduation;
  6. If the applicant is currently in Canada, he must have legal status;
  7. You have received the approval letter (approval letter), joint verification form (Joint Verification Form), and pre-screen position form (signature form);
  8. International students do not need work experience.

Materials to be submitted for international students who have job offers:

  1. Employer Pre-Screen Approved Position Form;
  2. Joint Verification Form;
  3. Employer offer (to reflect the title and salary of the position, the position must be full-time and permanent);
  4. Copy of birth certificate;
  5. Copy of all pages of passport;
  6. A copy of the first page of the passport of the accompanying person;
  7. If applicable: Work permit, visit record, temporary visa, photocopy of Canadian immigration documents. If these documents are reflected in the passport, there is no need to submit additional documents;
  8. If the applicant has graduated, you need to provide the original seal of the transcript, and the certification of the degree or degree;
  9. Copy of resume;
  10. If the occupation you intend to engage in is a regulated occupation, you need to provide Ontario registration certificate.

Canada Ontario employer immigration submission deadline:
After the employer’s pre-application is approved, the applicant has 60 days to submit a complete application. If the employer or applicant is unable to submit an application within 60 days, they can apply to the Ontario government for a 30-day extension.

Ontario employer immigration processing cycle:
Employer application: 64 working days or 90 natural days;
Nominee application: 64 working days or 90 natural days;
Request for review: 85 working days or 120 natural days.

After the application is approved:
The Ontario government will issue a nomination certificate to the applicant, and the applicant can then submit a permanent residence application to CIC. Provincial nomination visa applications are given priority processing by Immigration Canada.

After your application is rejected:

  1. Ontario will give you a chance to appeal, that is, a request for review. If the applicant is currently in Canada, the applicant needs to submit a written request within 15 working days after receiving the refusal; if the applicant is currently outside Canada, the applicant needs to within 30 working days after receiving the refusal Make a written request.
  2. The application for review request will be reviewed by another higher-level official.
  3. The review will only be based on the original submissions and the applicant’s conditions when submitting the application. If the situation changes, it will not be considered. In this case, the applicant can resubmit the provincial nomination application.

This is good news for friends who have only graduated from college for 2 years and have an average IELTS score!

As long as you have a college degree or above (the same applies to overseas technical talents), you do not need a language score and one year of work experience to apply!

Apply for a job through an employer, obtain a pre-review form, and immigrate for the applicant to obtain a nomination certificate.

This immigration program is not included in Express Entry, so this applicant does not need to work with other EE applicants!

Make your story stand out with the Unfold application.

The Story feature, whether on Facebook or Instagram, is becoming a feature that is becoming more and more interested in social media. Because it’s fun for both the posters and viewers. Some people have changed from posting messages in the past to using Story more because it feels more fun and freedom.

 Unfold is an application that has been popular on the App Store in the past. Therefore making me decide to download and play with Free Trial for 14 days, which is no wonder why this app, why people like to use it Because it makes the user’s story more beautiful and attractive Which is considered as a tool for storytellers who want to keep people’s attention under control for a split second. Let’s see why

As for how to use it When entering the application, press the “+” icon to start creating the story that we want to tell. By entering a name and choosing Template. The interesting thing about this app is the form of various templates available But if wanting more, then have to pay additional money (Suggest to look at Unfold Plus, which is paid annually by using all templates would be worth it. Or will try it free for 14 days before, unsatisfied After that, get the template you like and arrange the images. Can be a single image or multiple images There is also a small content section. In order to capture the importance of wanting to talk about what

For Template type, anyone who likes film cameras or film photography (Right now, the trend is back) there is a Film Frame pack that will make our images more attractive. Or for those who like minimalism, recommend the Classico Series that focuses on simplicity but not boring The package price is around 35-70 baht. If anyone doesn’t want to pay There are free cables to choose from. But as I said, there are not many options

After selecting templates for our story then can click to see a preview of the “eye” icon on how the face will look If not satisfied, then adjust the image again When you get the image you like, click the Send to Insatgram button to post to Story.

Although the app seems to be mainly focused on Instagram, users can save files to their smartphones in case they are shared on other social networks. Or can be saved as a PDF file for later presentations as well

The author’s personal opinion  If you like the Story feature, I recommend you to download the Unfold app to your device. Because whatever is possible, use the ability from it for sure Especially if you sell items online I think it’s very useful to make your products more interesting. Or for the person making the page presenting various content Also useful. Sometimes, stiff, tons of ideas do not sail When the wizard came to spark creativity Allowing work to flow more smoothly 

Don’t miss the world-class esports battle.

World Class Esports Battle “PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2019 Fall Spilt SEA Grand Finals Season” The Great SEA Competition hosted by Thailand Prepare to explode it in Thailand for the first time. Watch for free! 2-3 Nov at Sam Yan Mit Town Hall

On November 3, 2019, Tencent (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the PUBG MOBILE provider in Thailand, is hosting the biggest event this year. Inviting Thai esports fans to join the countdown to host the event. And cheering on the esports team of 5 Thai athletes, including Illuminate The Murder, MEGA Conqueror, RRQ Athena, Purple Mood and Snow LYNX compete in a world-class PUBG MOBILE Club Open SEA 2019 or PMCO SEA 2019 Fall Split season hosted by VSPN, the main sponsor of VIVO, and support live via NIMO TV and XL KingCard. Thailand for the first time at Sam Yan Mit Town Hall, Floor 5, between 2 – 3 November. Free admission No charge And able to find more special items Just join the PUBG MOBILE Thailand page and the Infuencers for this competition with a prize pool of over 4 million baht. The 1st and 2nd place winners will be eligible to continue to compete in the Global Final in Malaysia during the day. November 29 – December 1, with a total prize money of more than 32 million baht in the season. (Watch the video, PUBG MOBILE invading Bangkok, prelude before going to battle here)

It is understood that PUBG MOBILE is a mobile version of the game created from PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS The game that won the hearts of players around the world in 2017, with the style of play that has to compete against each other to survive from 100 parachuting players in the 8 square kilometer map. In which players must use flair to survive Collect various supplies and weapons. For use in combat Beat other players Until being the last person to survive Under the conditions of the playing zone that will slowly compel the player to escape to survive

PMCO2019 or “PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2019” is the world’s first professional mobile game tournament. The league is organized by Tencent Games and PUBG Corp. The highest prize money in the world is 2,000,000 USD or more than 63 million baht. The competition is divided into two seasons, Spring Split (March – July 2019) and Fall Split (August – December 2019), divided into 6 stages. Competition, including the Online qualification, the Offline National Finals, the Offline SEA Semi Final (competition as League), the Offline SEA Grand Final, and finished the round Offline Prelim Offline Global Final. 

For the competition Will be a total of 16 teams competing in a total of 14 games over 2 days (7 games a day) through all 4 maps (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi) as shown in the match schedule below (left picture) The teams will compete. By passing the scoring system, namely Killing other players will receive 1 point. Ranking # 1 will receive 20 points and points will decrease as the ranking decreases (right picture). The team with the most points 2 teams (Top # 2) will get Advance to the next Global Finals round.

In this round, all 16 teams from 5 countries in the SEA Finals competition consist of 5 Thai representative teams, 5 representative teams from Indonesia, 3 teams from Vietnam, 3 teams from Malaysia, 2 teams and 1 team from Cambodia, for a total of 16 teams. To prepare to battle in the SEA Grand Finals since yesterday, and on November 3, another 1 day at Samyan Mitrtown Hall hosted by Thailand.

The event was held under the concept of ‘Be the One’ where you will find activities throughout the two days. With interesting highlights, including watching live matches in all 14 games for 2 days, full of spectacular grand stage Everyone who registered at the event will receive 3,000 by people who have prize tickets. And registering at the event will receive a Goodie Bag consisting of a T-shirt and striped bag PMCO Fall Season Limited Edition with item 3,000 BP coat and classic box coupon. The first 500 registered users will receive the item. m Free 1 premium box coupon per person.

Post-married depression

When I hit “Post-Married Depression” on Google, there were tens of millions of search messages.

Marriage should be our paradise for the warm harbor and the happy growth of children. Why do more and more people, especially women, fall into the unsatisfactory post-marital depression? The family is facing disintegration, and the child loses the environment of happy growth, causing himself and his family to fall into the dire straits?

Depression is a real enemy and must not be taken lightly. However, people can enter depression and eventually become depression, which is not caused by a setback or an event, but should be the result of accumulation. The event that ultimately causes depression may be just a fuse that ignites explosives, or the last straw that overwhelmed the camel.

US well-known scholar and best-selling author Joe Dispenza in a speech that the human brain will be a day 6 Wan Dao 7 million messages, but in this information, 90% of ideas are repeated yesterday and the previous model. That is to say, when we encounter disappointment, disappointment and sadness, if our brain is free to run without active restraint and change, these negative thoughts and feelings will be repeatedly repeated and accumulated. It has been continually strengthened, and has shaped itself into a person who has the habit of the victim’s mentality, and eventually enters a depression that is difficult to extricate.

But the good news that is gratifying and inspiring is that we ourselves have the ability to change the brain’s mindset before depression. Transforming the thinking track, although difficult, is worth the effort. For the sake of your own happy life, the good life of the family and the children, and changing the status quo that makes you dissatisfied, you start by changing your own thinking.

Thinking determines personality and character determines fate. The human brain, like a high-level computer, must first change the way the brain works, and re-enter a better and more positive process of transforming itself.

Yesterday, I chatted with a vice president of a very successful management company. Her energetic and happy state immediately attracted and infected me. She leads a company full time, and although she has the opportunity to work from home, she will work more than 40 hours a week . And there are two children, one is 8 years old and one is 3 years old. Enviable and shocking is that she has not only missed the children’s parent conferences and extracurricular activities, but also took the time to write books, participate in various speeches, and set up a non-profit organization to help women. The scope of current involvement and impact has exceeded 5 million. When she was 28 years old, she also ran for the mayor and was murdered by her opponent. Although she finally lost her job and the political road was interrupted, she realized her dreams and hard work, but never stopped.

When I heard her story, my first question was that faced with so many challenges and difficult pressures, I still have such high morale every day, without any slight discouragement and withdrawal, without any depression? The answer she gave me was that every day I had new ideas in my mind and a plan of action to achieve my goals. Every morning, I wake up in excitement and hope, and then I am energetic and devoted to every day’s work.

Modern depression is as common as getting a cold. It seems that if you have not experienced the torture of depression, you can’t talk about life and grow up. And many doctors treat depression in a way that only takes foot pain and cures the headache. Not all doctors have realized that, in many cases, drugs only control the disease, and the symptoms are not cured. The change of brain thinking mode is the key to preventing and curing depression.

Moreover, changing the mindset can only be achieved if you actively participate. We want to lose weight, and only if we go to the gym in person will it be effective. It is impossible to achieve your goals by hiring others to run for yourself. Therefore, understanding the depression and understanding of depression, and controlling the brain’s thinking mode, the wisdom of choosing the desired thinking, avoiding negative toxic thinking, is the primary condition for preventing depression.

Defeat and prevent depression from the self. First, you need to find the meaning and direction of life. This is not only the task of the child, but also the task of every adult. Each of us, coming to this world, is God’s best arrangement, with a personal mission and meaning. Therefore, it is extremely important to find out your unique direction of life early on the direction and happiness of life.

Many women feel depressed and wronged in marriage. Most of them are related to these situations. They do not actively learn and find effective communication channels. They do not know how to control the negative thinking mode of the brain and let their victims continue to develop their mentality. Letting these states go their own way is not far from true depression.

Therefore, after a woman is married, she must continue to learn to be kind to herself and not to be lost. Even with children, you can’t put all your energy into your family and your children. When the plane begins to fly, the flight attendant will demonstrate to each passenger the self-rescue link in the event of an emergency. Adults should bring their own oxygen masks to take care of their children and others. Without a healthy and positive state, children and families are bound to be affected and infected. Only a woman who knows how to love herself can have a healthy attitude and win the respect and love of the people around her.

Secondly, even if a woman is a full-time housewife, don’t give up her hobbies and social circles and keep her body and mind independent. Try to maximize your own abilities and hobbies, and find the fun and meaning of life and the value of existence.

Never stop growing. The convenience of modern learning has reached an unprecedented height. As long as you find the target, you can find almost any information in any subject on the video on the mobile phone. The human brain is prepared for continuous learning, and new knowledge will bring about the renewal and even increase of brain cells. Therefore, when people live old and learn old, they are the only law that is full of positive energy and happiness.

Women may face a lot of pressure and frustration after marriage. However, as long as they learn to adjust themselves and change their perspectives in a timely manner, they will not be easily realized by continuous learning and constantly improve their own visions and patterns. Unsatisfactory and negative emotions.

Resist Google Apple to hire artificial intelligence professionals

A number of human employment websites show that Apple is hiring at least 86 doctoral talents with artificial intelligence. To challenge the online search engine giant Google’s dominant position in the field, while joining the ranks of competitors such as Amazon and Facebook.

This highlights the bottleneck of the artificial intelligence function of Apple’s iPhone, and it requires a lot of experts to solve the problem of machine learning.

Reuters reported that the machine learning function will help smart devices such as mobile phones to predict what the user wants next, based on the user’s habits, such as the scores of popular sports events and reminding when to go out to make appointments based on current traffic conditions. If the user can provide more personal habits, this function will more accurately predict what the user wants to do next.

Apple will release a new iPhone and the latest operating system iOS on the 9th. Analysts expect the new phone to offer some new intelligence that rivals Google’s Android system.

In 2011, Apple pioneered the Siri Personal Assistant, but the convenience of this feature was lost to similar software from Google and Microsoft. As users gradually demand to have a mobile phone that understands them and tailors them for them, Apple, which accounts for 2/3 of iPhone revenue, can’t afford to take it easy.

Oren Etzioni, a professor at the University of Washington and chief executive of the Allen Artificial Intelligence Association, said that Apple had a slow start in machine learning and cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and is now catching up. Former Apple employees estimate that the company has recruited three to four times more machine learning talent in recent years.

According to the recruitment website, most of Apple’s current job vacancies are in the software field. From the smart function of building Siri to the search features of iOS, the company also recruits machine learning experts for product marketing and retail, showing that the company is hiring all-round. Hire smart people to learn talent.

Despite this, Apple’s mobile phone still lacks some of the features provided by competitors, such as the smart personal assistant Now on Tap, which will be released this summer. This feature allows the user to automatically scan the screen after pressing the Home button, and then submit useful information such as useful information. Information about the upcoming movie will be released.

On the other hand, Apple’s iOS 9 emphasizes the privacy of users, so all user profiles and analysis are carried out on the user’s mobile phone, and the data will not be uploaded to the cloud. Machine learning startup Dato co-founder Gonzalez (Joseph Gonzalez) believes that this will increase the difficulty of machine learning.

These five kinds of work will be replaced by artificial intelligence machines in the future

According to a report by the British BBC on September 14th, Boston Consulting Group said that by 2025, about 25% of work will be replaced by intelligent software or robots. Another Oxford University study also shows that in the UK, 35% of existing jobs will face unemployment risks due to automation in the next 20 years.

The report said that office workers who deal with repetitive matters throughout the day are the easiest to replace with robots. The following are the five jobs that the BBC has compiled to be the easiest to replace in the future with artificial intelligence.

Taxi driver

taxi driver.  (Fotolia)

Since the launch of Uber, the car service application (App), taxi drivers in many big cities around the world are threatened.

In addition, the amazing speed of the driverless car has also accelerated the risk of taxi driving being eliminated. Google’s driverless technology has been a leader in the field. Driverless cars developed by Google are expected to be available to consumers on the market within two to three years.

Factory worker

factory worker.  (Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

More and more manufacturing industries are replacing labor with robots. The world’s first robot factory is located in Dongguan, China, and the company is trying to replace 90% of the workforce with robots. Foxconn, which manufactures for the Apple iPhone, plans to replace 30% of its workers with robots in the next five years.

3. Reporter

According to Kristian Hammond, chief scientist at Narrative Science, 90% of the news will be done by robots within 15 years.  (Getty Images)

Recently, Forbes’ earnings and the Associated Press’s sports news were all done by robots. Quill, a software developed by Narrative Science, is able to select facts and major trends from the data and summarize them into a story in a narrative. According to Kristian Hammond, chief scientist at Narrative Science, 90% of the news will be done by robots within 15 years. But this does not mean that 90% of journalists must leave, but these reporters do not need to rely on data to generate news, and those things that are clearly defined and do not need to be explained will be left to the machine.

4. Doctor

Robots can process huge amounts of data to find possible ways to treat a disease. IBM’s supercomputer is working with a number of hospitals in the United States to find the best way to treat cancer. IBM’s vision software helps early detection of skin cancer. For some operations, robots process much faster than humans, such as the laparoscopic surgery of the kidneys, and the robot can sew blood vessels to improve the success rate of surgery.

5. Cocktail waiter

The Royal Caribbean recently replaced the cocktail waiter with a robot.  (Fotolia)
The Royal Caribbean recently replaced the cocktail waiter with a robot. (Fotolia)

The Royal Caribbean recently replaced the cocktail waiter with a robot. Visitors can provide personalized service by simply ordering a cocktail from a computer on the table or creating a cocktail menu on their own.

The rise of robots

When many of humanity’s work is replaced by robots, what problems will we face? Martin Ford, author of Rise of the Robots, believes that humanity will face massive unemployment and economic collapse unless humans take fundamental changes, such as providing basic wages to protect income. But where does humanity go after no work? Staying on the beach all day long? Maybe this is not the solution.

Google tests quantum computer network with 100 million times faster

Google began testing a revolutionary new computer system. This kind of computer is millions of times faster than existing computers. It may not only speed up scientific research related to climate and disease, but also overcome some problems in the consumer field, such as letting computers understand the content in pictures and videos. This new technology is called quantum computers.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Google’s flagship product, Google Search, could be of great benefit. A Google spokesperson said that with the help of new technologies, Google search engines will be able to learn and automatically improve their search results in real time as people enter search keywords and click on a link. Thousands of Google engineers are currently tasked with analyzing people’s search behavior and are responsible for improving their search algorithms. A Google spokesperson said that the rapid learning ability of quantum computers is one of the particularities of this research.

The quantum computer used by Google is manufactured by Canadian startup D-Wave Systems and is currently installed at the Ames Research Center under NASA. Quantum computers use technology that is completely different from traditional computers. Existing computers use “0” and “1” to complete the calculation, called a bit. But the “qubit” used by quantum computers can represent 0, 1 and any value between 0 and 1, greatly expanding the depth of information processing. In theory, the performance of quantum computers can grow exponentially relative to traditional computers.

Google Inc. said that in a well-designed experiment, preliminary results showed that D-Wave’s 2X model prototype was 100 million times faster than traditional computers. MIT professor Edward Farhi said that Google’s experiments confirmed that the D-Wave prototype is indeed quantum computing, which is very important. Matthias Troyer, a professor at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland, expressed doubts. He said that the traditional computer used in the Google experiment is not a supercomputer, so the experimental results are biased towards the D-Wave prototype. But Troyer said that Google’s experiments at least confirm that quantum computers are not completely useless and may be useful in the future.

In a blog post, Google acknowledged that existing computers could solve their experimental problems more quickly and said they were improving their experimental solutions. At a press conference earlier this week, Google also revealed some shortcomings of the D-Wave 2X prototype. For example, the prototype can only be designed to perform a specific task; its processor needs to be cooled to near zero to work. Google also revealed that the 2X prototype exploded almost during the last cleaning.

However, both Google researchers and outside experts believe that quantum computers may solve complex multi-parameter problems that traditional computers cannot solve. Google believes that quantum computers may be used in the field of machine learning.

Google is also working on a general-purpose quantum computer capable of performing multitasking. Other computer companies, including IBM, are also working on this. Professor Troyer said that this may take 15-20 years.

New progress in quantum computer networks

A new study said that there have been two new advances in the conversion technology between quantum information and microwave and light wave propagation. Most of the cutting-edge quantum technologies, including superconducting qubits and quantum dots (Quantum Dot), transmit information through photons in the form of microwaves. Although this method excels in quantum controllability, the distance of information transmission is very short, limited to a few centimeters.

At the same time, the field of quantum communication has made good progress in transmitting information in the optical telecom band. The distance of optical fiber-based quantum networks can reach thousands of kilometers.

“In order to connect quantum computers far apart into a quantum Internet, it is important to realize the conversion of quantum information between microwaves and light waves.” One of the researchers is Grobche, TU Delft, The Netherlands. (Simon Groeblacher) said, “This is not only in the quantum fields, but also a very interesting application for efficient, low-noise conversion between traditional optical and electronic signals.”

This study improved this conversion technique in two ways.

One is to perform signal conversion in the quantum ground state, and the researchers found that this greatly reduces the interference of thermal noise.

Another lead author, Moritz Forsch, said that other studies have explored ways to achieve this, such as connecting signals to mechanical oscillators is a good approach. However, this method brings a significant background thermal error. The study then attempted to cool the oscillator to the temperature of the quantum ground state for system initialization, minimizing the effects of thermal interference on the transition.

Furthermore, researchers have used a new piezoelectric material, gallium phosphide (GaP), to make this mechanical oscillator. Piezoelectric materials generate electric fields by mechanical pressure, which may have good prospects for the conversion of quantum information in different ways. The study was published this month in Nature Physics and Physical Review Letters. 

How to ensure privacy in the era of electronic communication?

Email is the most important application when the Internet starts. SMS is the most important function when the mobile phone appears. But with the evolution of the times, people are increasingly needing instant messaging, which leads to more and more abandoned emails, and the security of mobile SMS is worrying. In the age of electronic communication, if you care about privacy, don’t want others to “sneak a peek” at your communication, what should I do?

Each chat or communication platform has varying degrees of privacy protection. Apple said on its website that encryption protects hundreds of millions of online transactions every day, including shopping, paying bills, iMessage or FaceTime or Whatsapp. Apple said that the encrypted information becomes undetectable by third parties.

This has always been a hot topic in Washington. Attorney General William Barr wrote a letter to his face asking for a change in Whatsapp’s encryption policy. Bar said: “We must find a balance between protecting public information while protecting public safety. Law enforcement agencies can also use this information to protect the public, investigate crimes, and guard against the future. It is opposed by Facebook.” “E-mail is the easiest to monitor,” said Micah Lee, director of interception information security. So how do you encrypt your communication?

First of all: Email is not safe

Popular webmail (webmail) such as Google Gmail, Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo Mail is not encrypted, and government or corporate emails are not encrypted. So it’s easy to track. Li said.

But there are a few startups that offer encrypted email, including Proton in Switzerland, and Microsoft provides encrypted Outlook to paying users, but it is very cumbersome to use, so you must first encrypt the email and send it to the recipient a “digital key” to let him Can read.

Security comes from the right settings

Since emails are not secure enough, mobile phones and text messages are a little better. “But don’t use the company’s mobile phone.” Li said: “Because many companies have spyware, you can intercept photos of what you are doing. It is best to use a personal mobile phone.”

The Samsung Galaxy Galaxy series has a feature that encrypts information and can be stored on an external SD card. However, it should be noted that after encrypting the information, it can only be interpreted on the same mobile phone.

In addition, Apple phones have a feature that prevents law enforcement or the government from using USB devices to break into the phone and get unencrypted data. Click on “Settings”, touch the ID and password, then scroll to the USB accessory at the bottom and click “Close”. In this case, if the phone is locked for more than an hour, the USB device can no longer connect to your iPhone.

Security depends on you and the other person.

What mobile phone to use

Apple said that text messages sent between Apple phones are encrypted, so if you don’t decode them, you can’t read them. Apple said that as long as the two-factor authentication login is selected, the SMS stored on its iCloud service will also be encrypted. Please note that if the other person is not using an Apple phone, it will not be encrypted.

Encrypted chat program or best choice

Signal, Wire, Rakuten Viber and Whatsapp are popular apps for encrypted written and spoken conversations. Let’s talk about Whatsapp under Facebook. Since Whatsapp is the world’s hottest chat program with more than 1 billion users, it’s likely that the person you’re talking to is also using it. Li said that being able to communicate freely and privately is a huge bonus. The website has a detailed explanation on this, saying that the company employees do not read customer communication consultation. However, Facebook does have access to your relays and can confirm who you have been talking to. Li added.

Signal does not have this problem and is considered the safest way to communicate. Signal said: “SMS and voice calls are always encrypted all the way to ensure security. We can’t know what you are communicating, no one else can.” The company said that it does not sell advertisements, but makes a living from grants and donations. And Germany-based Wire said it provides the strongest security for organizations and their employees, but it’s not free, starting at about $6.50 a month. The company said: the start and end of the entire encryption, let you talk, send text messages, and communicate with the team, communicate with customers and so on.

Based on Japan, Rakuten Viber said on its website that it provides a “secret chat” feature that automatically destroys information after communication. Facebook’s Messenger software does not have encryption, but it can be encrypted. Facebook provides a feature called “secret conversation” for private chat, but both parties must be open at the same time. During the conversation, both parties can also check the other party’s digital ID card for verification.

But privacy is only “private” in your eyes, because people on the other end of the encrypted conversation can easily take screenshots and share them with the world. However, Facebook said that this information should only be directed to the two sides of the communication: you and him, not including anyone else.

The new AI system can detect Alzheimer’s disease accuracy up to 100% in advance

The new artificial intelligence system can detect Alzheimer’s disease six years in advance, the accuracy rate is 100%.

Alzheimer’s disease can’t be cured, and it can only be diagnosed after the patient dies. Once the disease develops, the best treatment for the disease will gradually decrease over time. Most people live 4 to 8 after diagnosis. year. This means early detection is the only best hope for 44 million Alzheimer’s patients worldwide. According to related research, the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease depends on the elimination process, subjective analysis and some laboratory tests. The elimination process is accomplished by memory assessment and evaluation of any potential behavioral changes as well as laboratory testing and brain imaging. There are some drugs that can help patients control memory loss, such as Aricept, Namenda and Excelon, but they can not reverse the fundamental problem of memory loss, only delay the onset of the disease, and help them take care of themselves. But new research in radiology suggests that AI may be the key to early detection of Alzheimer’s disease, which can retain some memory functions for up to six years.

The most obvious sign of Alzheimer’s disease is the accumulation of beta amyloid plaques in the brain, but recently scientists have linked certain metabolic changes to Alzheimer’s disease. Experts say that while people are good at discovering specific biomarkers of disease, metabolic changes represent a more global and subtle process. Therefore, although doctors may see signs of changes in different images, it takes a long time to draw these changes and their subtle patterns in enough patients for a sufficient period of time, and then determine which changes are predictive of Al. The emergence of Alzheimer’s disease. But this is the goal of artificial intelligence.

The new system’s machine learning system is capable of performing nearly 2,000 brain scans on 1,000 patients, revealing signs of Alzheimer’s disease six years ahead of schedule. There will be more tests before this new system is released, but the research team has high hopes for the potential of AI.