Previously removed because it was “too powerful”

The Guided Missile is making a comeback

June 16, 2018

Fortnite News and Rumors: Guided Missile

Our favorite dataminers @FNBRLeaks are back with an excellent Fortnite Leak:
The Guided Missile is returning.

It was previously available but was removed shortly thereafter because it was deemed “too powerful” by many players.

Fortnite Leak Guided Missile

The leak (as seen above) suggests the guided missile will be introduced as a “backpack item” as opposed to a regular weapon.
Fortnite Backpack Items are not the same as back blings (which are purely cosmetic) but rather in-game items that can be found in loot chests – similar to the jetpack and the briefly available Eye of the Storm tracker.

We are definitely excited to see the Guided Missile Launcher return to Fortnite Battle Royal, since it was heaps of fun last time.

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