Apple’s new wireless headset can automatically reduce noise for $ 249

 Apple announced on Monday (October 28) the launch of the new wireless headset AirPods Pro, the main automatic noise reduction, anti-sweat function, the appearance of the ear The earphone design is not only light, but also more comfortable, asking for $ 249. Apple has officially accepted the pre-order, and AirPods Pro will be available in retail stores starting October 31.

According to President Phil Schiller, AirPods Pro uses adaptive EQ (Easy EQ), superior sound, flexible earplugs, and innovative automatic noise cancellation and transparency.

AirPods Pro solves the problem of the first generation of AirPods: comfort. AirPods Pro comes with three different sizes of silicone earbuds, allowing users to choose the earbuds with the highest fit. For the most comfortable results, AirPods Pro uses a new venting system for equal pressure, minimizing the discomfort that is common in in-ear headphones.

In addition, these silicone earplugs can also help eliminate noise. AirPods Pro also has anti-sweat, water and splash resistance.

Automatic noise reduction

AirPods Pro’s automatic noise reduction feature combines advanced software with two microphones, constantly adjusting to each person’s ear and earphone size, eliminating background noise and providing a good listening experience.

The first microphone is designed to be outward and will detect external sounds and analyze ambient noise. Before these sounds enter the user’s ear, AirPods Pro has generated corresponding anti-noise sound waves to offset the background noise. The second inward microphone will listen to the sound in your ear, allowing AirPods Pro to offset the remaining noise detected by the microphone. The noise canceling program continuously adjusts the sound signal at a frequency of 200 times per second.

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